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General Discussion / Re: No fuel pressure
« Last post by redscj on Today at 11:18:54 am »
     Since Mark brings up measuring. Your local Harbor Freight store sells some passable digital calipers. As I recall they are switchable from SAE to metric. Personally I bought their dial calipers. I've used name brand dial style calipers for around 45 years so I stuck with that design. The HF ones are more than satisfactory. I bought 2 of them. Be sure to go to their web site for a 20% of coupon code.
Where can i get a detailed break down of components of how the emergency cable hooks up under car?Is there any way to straighten a DOTA- C  428    fan or should i just get another one?I bought it it looked good until i mounted it one blade hits lower pulley the other blades are off to.Thanks Wes
General Discussion / Re: Bushings for rear sway (anti-roll) bar
« Last post by rockhouse66 on Today at 10:14:31 am »
These say 64-66 but look like they might work on the 5/8" rear bar.  Or is your bar 1/2"?  Not too up to speed on 70's - maybe there are two diameters depending on Mach or B2?
General Discussion / Re: No fuel pressure
« Last post by x-70option on Today at 09:30:38 am »
Well thankfully you guys are not the Facebook groups.....and have really discussed ALOT here !!

1)  still available from Ford. M-6267-C302.  MAYBE NOT (at least not in the very near future, from meeting at Ford Racing)
2) Disclaimer (since we sell the Yates designed roller eccentric) in case this goes to those that don't understand why -FB group

 Because of changes to timing sets, eccentrics and pins (over the years) it isn't uncommon to see "mis matched parts".  Some from manufacturers where they continue to provide the short dowal (for the two piece eccentric) with the timing set for the early motors.    Though concerned with FE's here - the 365 motor also has incorrect parts IN THE AFTERMARKET for fitment.

This is why Jim mentioned using a BB behind the "short pin".  The two piece as a TANG in the back that takes up the space of the shorter dowel.  I respect the statement "they are prone to failure" - but would ask what the failure is due to?   When wrong dowel, washer or bolt length is used ANYTHING can happen.  The Nascar design was to eliminate jouch more than friction-as the PINS of the pumps were the weak link.   

ON THE BOLT....I'll bet that is was a grade 12 hardened bolt (we supply a ARP 210K) so any other use maybe wrong.

P.S.  I LOVE the fact that many of you have figured this out FROM measurements!   Proves you "know what a slide rule is for!"   (music reference)   
General Discussion / Bushings for rear sway (anti-roll) bar
« Last post by my68gt on Today at 09:11:54 am »
I might be missing the obvious but I cannot seem to find replacement bushing for the rear sway bar on my 70 Mach 1.  I would like to replace all the bushings but cannot seem to find a kit in any of the major parts suppliers?

Its a stock setup on my CJ car.

General Discussion / Re: No fuel pressure
« Last post by gregwill16 on Today at 08:10:48 am »
I just went through this same ordeal yesterday getting started on my engine for my 68. I installed the cam and timing set then the eccentric only to find that is was barely catching. Removed all and did some measuring. I had two dowels both at 1.5" and the cam hole was .5" deep. You need about 1.1" of dowel protruding to fully engage the eccentric and clear the washer. I added a .1" piece of a screw and reinstalled successfully. It makes me think the manufacturers are making dowels for the replacement 2 piece eccentrics which have a tab but I haven't used one to verify.
General Discussion / Re: No fuel pressure
« Last post by rockhouse66 on Today at 07:43:35 am »
A common trick is to put a ball from a ball bearing in the hole, then install the dowel.  This moves the dowel out into engagement with the gear.
Restoration Tips & Techniques / Re: 1969 Seat belts
« Last post by Jiffy on Today at 06:06:26 am »
An outfit called Python restorations restored my ‘69 Mach1 belts and rechromed them, and put matching date labels on them. Not cheap but superb work. They will have spares.
I have seen that articl before but it doesn't really have good intake pics...  I need intake pics of a 70

Does this help? Courtesy of Mansfield Mustang...

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