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General Discussion / Replacement glass 68 fastback
« Last post by 1of1044 on Today at 08:32:44 pm »
Talking with ECS about new glass all around with etchings. Have read the articles written by Marcus and on ECS site and now I basically understand what different markings mean/designate. Thanks to ECS and Marcus for a well written article! Now that I have this info, I still need help with what would be correct for a Dearborn April 30, 68 car (that’s is if plant and date have anything that do with it?). I do know that tint was an option and in talking with several folks it seems that all rear glass on fastbacks were tinted even if car had standard clear glass all the way around. So.. for the etchings I need some guidance/advice on 1) was all glass tempered or just certainly pieces (Windshield, rear glass, sides, quarter vents??, 2) which shade or particular piece of glass was “M60” or “M61” or whatever, and what glass was stenciled with “AS1”, AS2.
I appreciate any help with this. Thanks!
I believe the 480-B is for a 69 428 CJ with air.

Lost and Found / 0F05R201136
« Last post by cobrajet_carl on Today at 07:03:04 pm »
Is this VIN registered?

General Discussion / Re: Speedometer Adaptor?
« Last post by rayms69 on Today at 06:41:49 pm »
I did pull the retainer from the plastic gear, removed the gear, cleaned everything and replaced it back as it was. Didnt really look to see if it spun freely while holding the gears from moving. Gonna take it back off and try again asap. I wonder if C.B.I. Carter Brothers Instrumentation has a small parts kit for these units.  They have one that looks identical.
General Discussion / Re: Speedometer Adaptor?
« Last post by rayms69 on Today at 06:25:06 pm »
The end where the cable screws in is sloppy, the gear is loose, is there supposed to be a bushing there? I thought screwing the cable in there would force the gear into the proper position. The speedo was working fine, not wobbly, then i romped on it at 50mph, then it quit working again.i have the automatic version, all 3 gears inside spin freely by hand, when meshed together. Seems like i missing something or i dont have it screwed in far enough to keep that outer or 3rd gear meshed.  I know i screwed it in as far as it would go, but by my picture it doesnt look screwed all the way in.
Cobra Jet Drag Racing / 68 1/2 Super Stockers rear rim size .....
« Last post by 70cj428 on Today at 05:16:57 pm »
I know this is a long shot but I been plugging away at cloning one of the 68 Winternationals cars, found most of the hard/impossible parts but I'm trying to figure out what size rear rims the cars with the plain chrome rear rims (with the Cragar center caps ) used. I plan on trimming the quarters and shortening the rocker moulding but I have no idea what size rim they used. I found several sets of NOS "Chrome Reverse" wheels from back in the day, but don't want to pull the trigger on anything till I know what size rims I need.

Any Ideas ??

Thank's in advance , John
General Discussion / Re: 355 HP...really
« Last post by Richard Todd on Today at 04:56:19 pm »
So true about the push rods but I did not have the luxury of time. I had 3 sets of bushed adjustable rockers left over from my FE stock class drag car and a large number of good used push rods so it was a no wait option. When I had to halt a session to order parts I would have to remove the engine from the dyno for the next job then put it back on when the parts arrived. Lots of extra work which some time you have no choice but if I could find a way around it without compromising the quality I would take it. He got a great deal on the parts.
Restoration Tips & Techniques / Re: 1969 Seat belts
« Last post by Brian Conway on Today at 04:44:23 pm »
Picture of the front ' combined ' female ends.  Brian
General Discussion / Re: Dearborn vin tags
« Last post by preaction on Today at 04:23:52 pm »
It is in this thread.
And has to do with some 1968 VIN tags being held in place with screws instead of rivets. I had one once that was screwed in place. But all the other numbers matched so I thought nothing about it. But it looks like there is plenty of evidence to show this was done at the factory for some reason/
This is the conversation and the correct link.
Restoration Tips & Techniques / 1969 Seat belts
« Last post by WNMCJ on Today at 04:17:32 pm »
I recently replaced the floor in my 69 CJ and am trying to sort out the seat belt situation. I have a variety of belts which have not been installed in the car for many years.
I believe I have the correct belts for the rear seats with both sides of the belt (buckle and insert)
I have the shoulder belts which mount on the headliner with the proper plastic receiver and the hanger straps for the headliner hook.
I have both re-tractors mounted to the rocker outside of the buckets

Then I have 2 short independent short belts (which look quite short for the front seats to mount to the tunnel)
I also have one combined belt which is joined at the floor mount flange
 and has 1 longer and 1 shorter belt with a buckle.
I believe this combined belt should be the actual belt for each front bucket to attach the shoulder and the lap belt.
Am I missing another combined belt?

Have searched the web and there appears to be very little info on original  seat belts, other than a ton of 3pt conversion kit info .

Need some input from someone that has an original belt set up in their car. Thanks
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