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General Discussion / Re: Starting problem
« Last post by 69cobrajetrugae2 on Today at 01:10:20 pm »
Pumping the gas pedal with fuel in the tank should take no more than 10 to 15 seconds.

Think about what's happening and take your time.

This is good test of the fuel system since fuel should be at the pump inlet.

For engines sitting 3 months or longer the safest method is to rotate the engine slowly by hand counter clockwise with the dampener marked at 90 degrees from the timing mark on TDC.  As each 90 degree mark is reached the compression can be felt which indicates no open valves.

There is no practical advantage that I can see to priming an engine unless a weak starter or battery might prevent a daily driver from starting. 
General Discussion / Re: Wide ratio gears
« Last post by geraldt52 on Today at 11:53:59 am »
...Particularly if you have 3.50 or lower numerical rear gears...

I think that's the key.  With 3.91s and 4.30s I think the wide ratio box actually works against you...especially on street tires.  Ford probably should have built the 3.91s and 4.30s with a close ratio box and everything else with a wide ratio box.
General Discussion / Re: No fuel pressure
« Last post by 69cobrajetrugae2 on Today at 11:45:10 am »
Good illustration Mark.  What was the valve issue and on what engine and by what action do you think a roller fuel pump fixed it?

General Discussion / Re: Wide ratio gears
« Last post by RoyceP on Today at 11:06:33 am »
I like the way they drive much better with the WR top loader. Particularly if you have 3.50 or lower numerical rear gears. Makes a huge difference.
General Discussion / Re: Wide ratio gears
« Last post by 161854 on Today at 10:55:41 am »
      Ford DID build it.  It was just never released for production. There were specialized ratio toploaders built with closer and wider ratios and they have been nicknamed ''white stripe" transmissions because "T&C" (Transmission and Chassis Division that built them) marked them with a white paint stripe by the top cover. At home I have a list of "DSO" ( as Ford called them back then) gear ratios and the tooth counts of the various gears to produce them. The gears were made in small quantities and are quite rare these days.
  To build a 2.78 ( wide) ratio toploader , the aftermarket has come to the rescue and made a 1-3/8ths wide ratio input shaft. When combined with a wide ratio cluster and second and third gears , you have a wide ratio , big input , toploader. I have built several and they are trouble free as well as making the car much easier to get moving from a dead stop. The input gear is a little over $100 depending on the vendor. The pilot end was purposely made longer so it could also be used in a small block application. It can be shortened or run as is.
General Discussion / Re: Wide ratio gears
« Last post by rickmustang on Today at 10:54:40 am »
David Kee rebuilt my box wide ratio
General Discussion / Re: Cam Breakin
« Last post by geraldt52 on October 18, 2018, 09:21:19 pm »
If comp cams doesn't offer break in, these guys will do it for anybody's cam...
General Discussion / Re: Wide ratio gears
« Last post by 70cj428 on October 18, 2018, 09:13:42 pm »
All the time, well worth the effort. You just need second and third gear out of a wide ratio box, a wide ratio cluster, and a special wide ratio 1 3/8" input shaft (not a ford part but both Dan Williams and David Kee stocks them)
General Discussion / Wide ratio gears
« Last post by cobrajet_carl on October 18, 2018, 06:00:41 pm »

I was considering putting the wide-ratio gear set when rebuilding my RUG-AZ toploader. I always wondered why Ford never did that. Has anybody done this? TIA
Lost and Found / Re: 1968.5 Cougar 428CJ R-Code 4spd 4:30 Car Found
« Last post by Karguy on October 18, 2018, 04:37:31 pm »
"In a issue of SS/DI there is a picture of Dyno Don racing a fairly stock 1968 428CJ Cougar. The car was painted black"

Anyone have any info on this statement???

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