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Looking good for both Carlyle and Ohio 50th for those who might want to meet my father and ask him some questions in person about the KR8 and the Super StockTasca CJ and the undefeated Street Bertha  CJ that they street raced on local roads to sell high performance to local street rodders.. Looking forward to meeting some of you and seeing some really nice CJ's. Thanks to all who have posted and sent me PM's, thanks Dave.
Off-Topic Posts / Re: Ford's Future
« Last post by preaction on Today at 06:23:56 pm »
They cant be doing that well the stock price today is $11.43.
Off-Topic Posts / Re: Ford's Future
« Last post by rhjanes on Today at 04:15:32 pm »
I'm also suspecting the "cross over" they are talking about, will be the "one size fits all" "sedan".  With computers, automation and such, a lot of different "models" can be built on the one platform. 
Also, wondering about Lincoln......
Off-Topic Posts / Re: Ford's Future
« Last post by crossboss on Today at 02:48:13 pm »
As I just posted on the Boss 302 site:
My gut says Ford is downsizing and cutting costs. By selling 'only' Trucks, SUVs, and Mustang, the EPA ratings are going to be horrible. Remember, by not offering sedans, small economy cars, etc the 'other' manufacturers are going to take up the slack, and profits. This will in my opinion will kill Ford's global marketing. Lastly, rumors are Ford will make a new SUV named, are you ready for this: Mach-1.
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« Last post by geraldt52 on Today at 12:03:27 pm »
Great idea, Ford.  Stop development of updated car models and concede all those sales to Camry/Accord, Corolla/Civic, and whatever the Korean ones are.  It doesn't seem that they are having any trouble selling those and making some money.  Do housewives really need a full size 4wd crew cab pickup weighing 6000 lbs to drive down to the mall with one person in the vehicle?  We are so stupid.

I think we've seen this movie before, back in the late 80s/early 90s when everyone had to have an Explorer...and then gas went to 5$, and then they didn't.  But at least the Japanese were right there to grab up market share, as the U.S. manufacturers teetered on bankruptcy.
General Discussion / Re: XE cobra jet manifolds
« Last post by ed meyer on Today at 10:53:20 am »
Kool pete the xe & sk #s    my manifolds were painted when i got them & never cleaned paint off & wonder if any hand stamped xe or sk #s under the paint like your intake?  My manifolds were used & had bolt marks on the flanges but were they in a 68 torino (c8oe) $   & would they even fit in a 68 mustang without clearance issues?   Maybe Randy G. would know or have any info on that?
General Discussion / Re: XE cobra jet manifolds
« Last post by 161854 on Today at 10:50:36 am »
  Nice find Pete and Ed . Both are pre production items. The only other part I have seen with an XE number ( for a CJ) is the carburetor. Since most of the parts used in the engine already existed very few "new" parts had to be designed.  A side by side comparison to "production" parts reveals many difference. Some obvious and some not. Your intake was the 15th example machined and ran on the 3rd engine built in that series.
 Chris Simon ( thefordshow) also has an XE intake pictured on the component ID section. Of interest is the "change level" is AF and the date of that change level is 6-16-67. The C8OE-A intakes are change level AH and dated 6-17-67. The XE manifold also has an X cast into the runner indicating the prototype foundry at Ford in Mi. This also means that the patterns were "short run" and not "production tooling" patterns.  The information I have is the A intakes were done on this "short run tooling until the "production tooling" ( C8OE-C intake) was finished That began taking place in the  first week of April according to "detective work" by our own Kerry Wortman. No new information on the actual development of this engine was known until about 5 or 6 years ago when some of us finally "knocked on the right doors" and the people responsible for the engines existence finally started talking. Thanks to all those from Bill Barr on down involved in the creation of the CJ for the "enlightenment" and  facts dispelling many rumors and myths formerly accepted as fact. I hope I never stop learning new details about it.
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« Last post by rhjanes on Today at 10:31:12 am »
I'm not all that surprised.  Ford has been the only one of the "Big-3" that has been responding ahead of the market changes.  Here in the USA, trucks and SUV's make up a TON of sales....and PROFITS.  Notice they say "for the American car market".  Ford international, I'm sure will continue small and very small car development.  And electrics for getting around cities around the world. 

Look at Chrysler also.  After, how many sales of the company?, Owned by Fiat.  "Ram" is now their truck line and other than the mini-vans (they also fell asleep at the wheel of those, in all those buy outs), none of their car lines sell much and probably all lose money.   Editorials in car mags have been saying most of Chrysler will go away soon.   

My buddy is a GM guy.  He was lamenting that he wants to replace his 2009 GMC half ton truck, but GM is now NOT producing the same models.  He'd have to "get the Chevy" for the same truck.  (I kept quiet...but the Chevy top 2 loaded trucks, were probably the same as his GMC model anyway). 

Somewhere, I have a two page sheet I got from the Swigert car muesum up in PA.  It listed all the US car companies (that they knew of) from like 1896 to 1975...when they started, died, or became something else (Kaiser was bought by AMC in....). 
General Discussion / Re: XE cobra jet manifolds
« Last post by Coralsnake on Today at 09:36:38 am »
Ed's matching exhaust parts...(I'm trying to get a bigger photo)

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