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General Discussion / Re: Brisk Morning Cruise
« Last post by 69cobrajetrugae2 on Today at 04:13:53 pm »
Good maintenance is important, spinning and checking tires up in the air and checking bolts.  For example, I will guarantee that the leaf spring shackle U bolts are loose if they haven't been checked in a while, driveshaft U bolts are known to stretch and loosen as well.

Again, nice run!
Off-Topic Posts / Re: Sunset Strip Hollywood 1967 Short Film.
« Last post by priceless on Today at 03:42:25 pm »
Yea, the driver ran a red light at the beginning and the end of the 2 minute video ::)
General Discussion / Re: Brisk Morning Cruise
« Last post by chris on Today at 03:41:12 pm »
Can't be afraid of two lane tree lined roads lol. Been driving this Mach since 78' when it was my DD all year / winter long. It survived many a stupid outing as a teenager and early twenties  :o
General Discussion / Re: Brisk Morning Cruise
« Last post by 69cobrajetrugae2 on Today at 02:03:19 pm »
Good mix you chose, ratio of 60/40 that is what I've found works best.

The ethanol acts as an oxidizer which might help out. Sunoco smells like toluene which I've heard contains as much a 30%. I smelled toluene and Sunoco 110 side by side and there was nary as difference, smell wise. VP is a good choice.

Our cars will collect dirt in the upper and lower A arms and other frame and body locations which will act like  sponge and hold moisture and block drains, look around with an air nozzle with a long curved tube and blast frame holes and door drains and other spots, I use 3/16 brake line and epoxy the tube to the nozzle.  Wear safety goggles!
General Discussion / Re: Brisk Morning Cruise
« Last post by jet hardtop on Today at 01:31:19 pm »
Sunny and 30 degrees, drive done. Tank add 10 gal. VPFuels 110 leaded done. Drive home 15 miles so tank not too full. Last blast zero to 75 plus so nice. Tucked away official now. Sleep well CJ's. -DW
General Discussion / Re: Brisk Morning Cruise
« Last post by jet hardtop on Today at 12:05:08 pm »
Thanks. Today is nice enough, run for fuel Sunoco 110 10 or so gallons, top off with 91 octane ethanol free. Oil and filter change too. Minor lowers wipe down and good night CJ. Getting out there now.
General Discussion / Re: Brisk Morning Cruise
« Last post by 69cobrajetrugae2 on Today at 11:51:20 am »
Nice run!

With regard to hitting a deer in your CJ and other obstacles that we might encounter on the road I am reminded of Air Force General Curtis Lemay.

"It wouldn't dare" was a quote attributed to one of the men under his command when he was asked why the General smoke cigars around refueling operations and why nobody seemed to care about the plane exploding.  He was lead plane with 146 bombers behind him on a dangerous raid as a full Colonel, promoted to General the next month.  General Lemay instituted the box formation for the B-17's which  brought to bear the full firepower of the anti aircraft machine guns, bombers that we're unable to keep in formation we're easy targets for the German fighter planes.  General Lemay was brave but had a well thought out plan and stuck to it.  Brave plus stupid will still get you killed.

Opening up CJ thunder on a two lane road lined with trees with no guardrails isn't something that I would do.  If I had a choice between striking a deer or a tree give me the deer.   2:00 to 4:00 AM Monday morning is primetime here in Los Angeles for a spirited drive, the roads are clear of cars and road debris which fell from construction trucks was likely picked up or pushed of the roadway by Sunday traffic.  I don't worry about crashing the thing as long as I stick to my plan and don't do something stupid.  Been there and done that.
General Discussion / Re: Brisk Morning Cruise
« Last post by jet hardtop on Today at 01:35:03 am »
Wisconsin Sheboygan and Manitowoc counties yesterday drive with mine. Work AM done at noon took car to work. Couple co-workers went for ride, one got to drive us back, impressed. Daughter 15 1/2 DMV for temps I drove old car there too. Distance run for other appointment, take on fuel pushed it real good, speed, passing other motorists. Muddy roads here with farm equipment having used the roads tracking lots of debris. Rainy ride home, poured too. Real mess when tucked in garage last night. Today no more rain 2:30-4:00 clean up with chamois dry, then compressed air blow dry and more chamois looking good again. Under car cover now, may be last drive unless that last tank fill of the year happens Sunday. Was a blast all year, fairly uneventful relative to carnage. Need to get back to the on track at speed driving events. Great to hear others of us are out with our rides late in the season prior to our northern winter arrival. Let's skip ahead to April or May, fine by me. -DW
General Discussion / Re: looking for insulator - frame mount bolts
« Last post by Mike_B_SVT on November 18, 2017, 10:25:14 pm »
Here are the measurements:

Insulator to frame mount through-bolt was right at 5" long (top bolt in the pic)

The two frame mount to chassis through-bolts were 3 3/4" inch, in case you need that too (bottom two bolts)

Hope that helps!

General Discussion / Re: Brisk Morning Cruise
« Last post by C9ZZ on November 18, 2017, 07:11:08 pm »
Drove mine last night to the post office and store. Drove it again today to the parts store and Home Depot. Got it back in the garage just ahead of a strong rain storm and cold front. Winters are mild here so I never have to put it away. Usually drive it once or twice a week.
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