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General Discussion / Re: How/where to sell
« Last post by DeadStang on Today at 10:01:50 pm »
It's probably good that you're not selling right this moment...  My sense is that only specific cars and types of cars are actually selling right now.  The husband tells me the world economy is crappy, so a big market for our cars is sitting it out at the moment.  Maybe next spring, the world will have stabilized (or be gone from a nuclear holocaust) and it'll be a better time.  Having said that, I am (also) wanting to downsize/change my collection and haven't had a lot of success with the traditional routes (Craig's List and Cars-On-Line); I will not use ebay, but Bring-A-Trailer seems like kind of a cool, new-ish way to sell.  I'm sure others will chime in.

PS,  I'm also a long-lost relative -- or at least up for adoption, lol!   ;)
General Discussion / Re: How/where to sell
« Last post by 69cobrajetrugae2 on Today at 09:13:23 pm »
I would use Sportyworty if I was in the market to buy sell or trade.

Buying and selling collectable cars can be a real chore and is not without risks.  An honest credible knowledgeable person to handle the details is invaluable.
General Discussion / Re: Air Pressure Polyglass Tires
« Last post by 69cobrajetrugae2 on Today at 09:03:36 pm »
I spoke with Duke briefly about bias ply tires with respect to how they performed back in the day.

"The construction was typically lighter than a radial tire and as such they didn't have a tendency to blow out. Run out is a condition that cannot be balanced corrected but rotating the tire on the wheel may help to correct it and I consider 30 thousands run out to be a problem" He said.

"The white dot on the wheel should be lined up with the red dot on the tire.  The yellow dot is the lightest part of the tire and should be lined up with the valve stem" he added.

Kelsey tire is licensed to reproduce Goodyear tires and has heard good things about those tires.  He does not think that Cooker tires are any good but added his opinion is based on limited experiences from corvette owners that we're unhappy with them.
General Discussion / Re: How/where to sell
« Last post by Jiffy on Today at 08:54:50 pm »
^^  ;D ^^
General Discussion / Re: How/where to sell
« Last post by 428 CJ hardtops on Today at 08:26:47 pm »
I could be adopted and am already potty trained . The classified's here would be a good start .
General Discussion / How/where to sell
« Last post by jimk2921 on Today at 06:27:05 pm »
I have a question about the best way to sell my 69 Cobrajet.  First off I'm not ready to sell quite yet.  I'm looking to the not to distant future.  I have a 69 Mach 1 Cobrajet (numbers matching).  It's was fully restored about 10 years ago.  Problem is I'm getting up in age and I also have other cars so I don't drive it much.  I would love for it to stay in the family but just don't have anyone to pass it to so I will eventually sell it.  The big question is how?  There's Craigs List, Ebay, various companies and auction places.  But what's the best way?  Now I should throw this in.  I'm not trying to get max dollars out of it.  I'm more interested in it going to the right person.  So basically I'm looking for thoughts and ideas right now.

Thanks Jim
Shows and Events / Re: 50th Anniversary Show- 2018
« Last post by 428 CJ hardtops on Today at 05:45:52 pm »
I will bring my 68 1/2 is there going to be any racing for us .They should do a class for the old CJ cars separate .
General Discussion / Re: Goodyear polyglass repro tires
« Last post by 428 CJ hardtops on Today at 01:16:45 pm »
Rusty is a good source for these tires and often cheaper too.
Had to laugh at the guy who said, "Not need to make it a pissing match or to speak to someone in a demeaning tone," when there was none.
Shows and Events / Re: Carlisle 2017 Role Call
« Last post by 428 CJ hardtops on May 27, 2017, 11:38:17 pm »
I will be there from Wednesday till Saturday .
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