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General Discussion / Re: Help choosing a new clutch
« Last post by specialCJ on Today at 10:23:05 pm »
For what its worth, I just picked up a restored correct 11 !/2" clutch setup for my 67 project. A bit more expensive than an aftermarket setup but I am confident it will fit and work just like original. Just another option you may want to consider. I plan to use the roller bearing modifications on the pedal shaft.

Restoration Tips & Techniques / Re: front fender cage nut
« Last post by LightWtJet on Today at 10:14:11 pm »
OK - I finally found an internet instruction--pretty simple once you know how to insert it.
General Discussion / Re: Lawman Cobra Jet
« Last post by jonw29 on Today at 10:03:42 pm »
CRAP!!!!!!! We have family stuff tomorrow.I hope that you found the answers
General Discussion / 428 SCJ drag pack t-shirt?
« Last post by priceless on Today at 09:30:56 pm »
Can anyone remember the guy who sells the 428 SCJ drag pack t-shirts??  one of my buddy's has a 69 SCJ and he wants one of the shirts. I bought one about 2 years ago and I can't find the information.

Thanks for any information,
General Discussion / Re: 68.5 hood holes
« Last post by lr68cj on Today at 09:24:29 pm »
Thanks Chris. My career as a model maker came in very handy.
General Discussion / Re: Lawman Cobra Jet
« Last post by anghelrestorations on Today at 09:07:20 pm »
Last night....I am in Augusta now for the MCA Show here.  Will be judging here tomorrow if you can make it. 
I love the Bob Tasca as father of the 428CJ story but the published timelimes do not match the folklore IMHO.  You could buy a 428 powered 1967 Shelby Mustang in the late fall of 1966. So for sure Shelby did not "follow Tasca's lead" with respect to a 428 FE in a Mustang...

Agreed.  While all of us respect those involved in the development of the CJ, it was long ago and memories fade.  Pointing out faulty recollections isn't the same as accusing anyone of "fabricating" a story. 

This statement in the section 428 Cobra Jet History, by Bill Barr on this site does contain some factual errors:

"In late 1966 Mr. Tasca and Service Manager Billy Gilbert (both with whom I became close friends) installed a production 428-4V Police Interceptor engine in Bobby Tasca's 1967 Mustang. Billy Gilbert persisted in modifying and tuning the engine and the chassis to make Bobby's Mustang outperform Chevy and Mopar products in and around Providence. When Bobby's car was quite successful, Mr. Tasca named the final combo the "King of the Road 1968" (KR-8). Presumably, Mr. Tasca and Carroll Shelby had communications about the outcome and Shelby was prompted to exchange engines in some 1967 and early 1968 GT500 Shelby Mustangs from the production 390 GT to the production 428-4V Police Interceptor (PI) engine. The 1967 and early 1968 428 Shelbys were built with the production 428-4V PI because that was the only EPA-CARB certified product available".

As you point out, by late '66 the '67 Shelbys were already on the road with 428 8V engines, and their development had to have occurred before the KR8 could have influenced the decision.  Also, all '67 and '68 GT500s used a 428, a different 428 for each year, but nothing was ever "exchanged" or changed.  Finally, the '67 and '68 GT500 428 were not really 428 PIs, but unique engines to the Shelby cars.

This statement later in Bill Barr's piece is also in error:

 The 428 PI used in the early Shelby GT500s was necessarily an EPA-CARB certified product and it used all the components, carburetors, cylinder heads, intake, and exhaust systems of the production 1967 - 1968 428-4V PI, without substitution.

While both engines could be said to be derived from the production 428 PI, neither engine was really a 428 PI...the most obvious difference being the 8V intake on the '67 GT500.

General Discussion / Re: Lawman Cobra Jet
« Last post by jonw29 on Today at 08:04:36 pm »
Are you in town?
General Discussion / Re: Lawman Cobra Jet
« Last post by anghelrestorations on Today at 07:17:59 pm »
The CobraJet Lawman is alive and well.  Had a good visit with the owner yesterday and was able to get some good details I needed.  Great piece of history...

IMG_2430 by Marcus Anghel, on Flickr
As far as the the testing of the KR8 engine and drivetrain i don't know how many have seen the data that Lightwtjet posted but here is the PDF he sent me. The KR8 was the only car to that date that went 700 ft plus in the 10 sec test.
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