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General Discussion / Starting problem
« Last post by kiwi428 on Today at 02:19:33 am »
I have had the car finished and running for a while now. My problem appears when the car has been sitting for about 2-3 weeks I find it takes a little while cranking before the fuel gets to the bowls and then to the intake. This requires about 3 turns at the starter for about 10-20secs. 9nce fuel reaches the intake she fire into life and with a little feathering on the throttle she will sit idling fine. I suspect left for a while the fuel evaporates from the car over this time and this is what I have.
Is this normal and does everyone suffer from this from time to time. other than that I have an awesome car
Where can i get a detailed break down of components of how the emergency cable hooks up under car?Is there any way to straighten a DOTA- C  428    fan or should i just get another one?I bought it it looked good until i mounted it one blade hits lower pulley the other blades are off to.Thanks Wes

I'm in a similar situation.  I bought a DOTA-C fan and when it arrived it wasn't quite right ~ it wouldn't lay flat.  I put a straight edge along the blades and found that I have 3 that are bent slightly.  Not badly, but enough that you can tell with the straight edge on the blades.

IF I were to straighten it, I would certainly NOT put it to use on a car that is driven - for the reasons already stated.  If it's bent, likely it has micro-fractures in the arm / blade, and would also probably not be balanced properly.  So any vibration would aggrevate the cracks and eventually chuck that blade through a bunch of expensive parts (and possibly irreplaceable human tissues!).

Really, it's just not worth the risk, IMO.  My bent fan sits on my shelf right underneath the good fan I bought to replace it.  Very likely I'll never actually use the good one either, for the same reasons stated above ~ I don't know its history, so I can't be sure that some chucklehead didn't drop it, or that it wasn't in a car accident and damaged at some time in the past.
General Discussion / Re: Oil Pump Drive Gear
« Last post by Brian Conway on October 15, 2018, 09:40:00 pm »
Same here.  Long extension and tape the 1/4" socket on.  Brian
Yes thanks.
But I have another question does the fuel line ride on the valve cover side of the coil or the other side of the coil

Other side.
General Discussion / Re: Reunion Banner
« Last post by Frostbiten on October 15, 2018, 09:30:39 pm »
Mine is suppose to come tomorrow. I appreciate the logistics thrown upon Barry to make this crap happen for so many CJ fans. Can hardly wait. You'll never see another one on my block.....
General Discussion / Re: Oil Pump Drive Gear
« Last post by Chris Teeling on October 15, 2018, 09:13:08 pm »
Instead of turning the crankshaft, I've found it easier to use a nut driver to turn the oil pump / distributor driveshaft in order to align it.
General Discussion / Re: emergency brake cable pictures. How to straighten bent fan?
« Last post by corbins on October 15, 2018, 08:15:28 pm »
I would never try to repair a bent fan...unless its a very minor edge ding,  but that's just me. If its not perfect it will set up a vibration that you may not feel, but the motor will. And I have seen blades leave the hub when the rivets fail as a result of that vibration. Its a messy result, big gashes through the hood , etc.
But to each his own :)
General Discussion / Re: 355 HP...really
« Last post by on October 15, 2018, 08:13:58 pm »
under the heading..."you just cannot make this up"....I called the dyno guy....

The fuel setting..he is not sure if his sensors are off...and does not know if he has a leak on one side...and does not look between engine to engine to compare...
He says he is not sure if the oil pressure is reading low or not....I asked him why does he have a gauge if he does not review it.
He reports the compression of 9:1 is a pressure guage during the run (that sound right)
He says the stroke was what he was told...and just entered is wrong for a 428
When I asked him why he ran it twice and why the first was so bad...he says ...he thinks the throttle on this one dropped so he restarted it...go figure the drop.....but the second one is still weak.
The 28 dgreee timing he said was correct for a small block Ford...and set it that way on the balancer....I had to tell him a 428 was a large block....that just might account for the HP.

So much for paying for a dyno to diagnose an engine...all results are now suspect..I will replace the cam and take it to someone once I get it installed.

According to the Sikora web site the metal fuel line goes between the coil and distributor.  At some point after that changes to rubber hose, fuel filter and then carb.  Brian
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