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Title: San Jose Built Date Codes
Post by: 70DRAGPACK on February 09, 2019, 06:52:15 pm
Lost of talk about engine dates, well here’s another I purchased a January 70 San Jose built scj Mach 1 car has very low miles and has motor has been dissembled since the mid 80’s all parts where still wrapped in news paper from that time, the block is stamped SUPER and the vin is stamped on the rear pad with that being said the date code is a 9E yes may 1969 most of the other engine parts are a month earlier 9D when I was going through all the parts mixed in with engine bolts was the original engine tag with a 9K date code, I have owned 20 scj 70 mach 1’s over the years this is the first San Jose car , just want to here if there anyone that has run across a 70 San Jose car with date codes that seem to far apart