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Was the 69 Shelby prototype listed that I owned years ago that was snuck out of Ford by an engineer 9F02G482244. I think it was supposed to have been crushed as well but was not . I guess it not being a 428 may have not been in that literature.
General Discussion / Check valve internals
« Last post by LooseNoodle on Today at 04:12:37 am »
Hi all,

I had to order a new check valve as the one I planned to repaint was so rusted it cannot be repaired.
I received the new used valve (original according to seller) yesterday and noticed that it didn't have the rubber gasket (no spring) inside, instead it has a spring operated metal gasket. When were they used respectively?
Both have the FoMoCo stamp and externally the only difference in measurements is that the valve with the spring is slightly wider where the top part with intake is pressed to the "body", see pic

General Discussion / Re: Snake valve covers
« Last post by ed meyer on May 21, 2019, 11:58:36 pm »
Dave was your scj a R code like the 69 shelby engines?
Shows and Events / Re: 2019 FE Race & Reunion
« Last post by chris on May 21, 2019, 08:39:53 pm »
Thanks for posting the pics! Didn’t make it this year. Nice to see all that FE iron doing what it was designed to do!!
General Discussion / Re: Snake valve covers
« Last post by Bic69scj on May 21, 2019, 07:29:09 pm »
Came from the factory, or were on the car when you bought it from a dealer?

I ordered this car, waited three months for delivery and saw it for the first time 10 minutes after it came off the truck. They were on the car from the factory. I assure you the Ford dealer did not put them on there.
One of our members here indicated that he witnessed a COPO car perform a launch that lifted the front wheels off the pavement at the end of the production line.  If he would like to tell the "rest of the story" that would be wonderful.

During my tenure at Garrett Turbocharger which was a sub division of Allied Signal corporation nothing went to waste.  Equipment and turbochargers at the end of their useful life we're designated to be destroyed with the intent being that our technology would not end up in the test labs of our competitors.  The turbochargers and equipment vanished so I assume they we're destroyed and that was that.

 In reality many of our engineers we're lured away from other turbocharger manufactures and visa versa which as a practical matter rendered the theory and practice of industrial espionage moot.  I tested KKK and Mitsubishi and other turbochargers back to back with our turbochargers and found no performance, noise level, or any other difference other than the casting shape.  The KKK German Turbocharger had a nice ID tag on the center housing and I recommended that we might consider upgrading our ID tag as well.

With regard to this topic discussion, my guess would be that tow trucks we're dispatched to Ford and the subject cars we're carted away to be crushed under the close supervision of a middle level manager.

The manager was scheduled to attend his retirement party the next day.  Six months later he hosted a card game with playboy bunny cocktail hostesses at his remote cabin in the Michigan backcountry for his former co workers and bosses and they took a couple of cars that we're stashed in the barn for a cruise the next day.

The aforementioned scenario makes more sense to me than the theory that the cars we're summarily crushed.  Just my opinion...
General Discussion / Re: What is the earliest date C8OE-N CJ head have you seen?
« Last post by 161854 on May 21, 2019, 06:26:19 pm »
  Notice how crisp the date and casting numbers are . Later heads are often harder to read and get really blurry.
Thanks for the pics.
General Discussion / Re: Found some interesting "pre Cobra Jet " information....
« Last post by 161854 on May 21, 2019, 06:23:05 pm »
The full VIN's for both cars were published in Mustang Monthly when Jim Smart did a story on those two cars in the 1980's. Both cars had normal S code VIN's, as they were built and then converted from two cars pulled out of regular production and then converted. There was also a pair S code 427 Fairlanes built with the C6 and 4 speed for testing. One of the period magazines published a test of the automatic equipped Fairlane with Phil Bonner doing the driving in late 1967.

All of those mules were crushed after testing. Kevin Marti has the Marti report for each car.

Thanks for sharing a Randy. Need to go back and look at the stuff I collected on that 427 fastback I looked at years ago. Sure we will be talking more

It was in the Ford records as an S code though it was not stamped on the car that way. Considering how long ago that was I never knew, at the time, about the brass tag so didn't look for one on that car.

Sure your news will get the discussions going again but you knew that when you posted.  :)

         Royce ,
            The Two Fairlanes are on the list as well as an actual production , "R" code Fairlane and others. I think it is safer to say "may have been crushed"  as several assumed crushed cars have surfaced like "Little Red" and  "The Green Hornet".  IF these cars had their respective 390 engines re installed  , they "could have" been sold on the employee sale lot just like The Green Hornet was. There was also a Boss 351 "X Garage" car ( test car for tri power carburetion) that "got out" that way. I know for a fact that the R code Fairlane I mentioned above was sold on the employee lot as confirmed by the two retired Ford employees that made it happen and the one who got it. My '69 paper for example note 9 vehicles ( with asset tags)  as "to be sold" not to be crushed. Yes crushing DID happen , no question about that.
     Always respectful,
Out of curiosity, are there any Cougars mentioned on your docs? 
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