Author Topic: How to buy the right smog belt for your '70 non-A/C car  (Read 956 times)

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How to buy the right smog belt for your '70 non-A/C car
« on: June 27, 2012, 03:40:21 pm »
I wanted to pass along my recent experience with identifying and purchasing the correct smog pump belt for my 10/69-Dearborn-built CJ non-AC car.  Hopefully it will save others a little time ...

According to the Accessory Drive Belt charts and conversations with Scott H., the most common smog pump belt used on '70 cars without A/C was the C5DE-8620-D. There's another one, the C6OE-8620-B used along with the bigger water pump pulley before late 8/69, but most of them used the C5DE-D.

Simple enough, right? Try to actually buy a repro belt.

If you go to say, NPD, you will see these options:
   70 428CJ, w/o A/C D0DE-8620-A
   70 428SCJ, w/o A/C C60E-8620-B

If your car takes the C60E-B belt, you're all set but you're the exception. For the rest of us ... what's this D0DE-A belt? Earlier, I'd contacted Marti Auto and asked what belt they specified for my car. Their reply: D0DE-8620-A, and it's 34" long. No coincidence with that part #; I'm pretty sure NPD sells Marti belts.

I noticed that Marti & NPD actually do sell a C5DE-D belt, listed as for a '65 200, w/o A/C. So I asked Marti Auto for the length just to double-check things. I was told 33 3/4". According to Ford reference, the C5DE-D belt is supposed to be 33 31/32" long.

NPD sells that C5DE-D belt for $20. BUT if you order one from them there will be two things wrong with it. First, it will be 1/4" short (not a real big deal). Second, it will be date coded for '65 (just plain wrong). Why pay good money for a part that's not quite right?

Marti will sell its smog belts for $25 custom-stamped with part number and date code. So, I ordered the D0DE-A belt (within 1/32" of correct length) but stamped with the correct C5DE-D part number and date coded for 3Q/69. It arrived in just a few days. Fits like it should.

And that's how to get the right smog belt for your '70 CJ/SCJ non-A/C car.

Photos attached.

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Re: How to buy the right smog belt for your '70 non-A/C car
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2012, 10:37:48 pm »
Excellent - Scott - would it make sense to move this to the restoration tips section?