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Rocky Mtn Mustang Roundup
« on: July 19, 2012, 05:35:24 pm »
Haven't had the Mach out much this year, but I did attend the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup in Steamboat Spring, Colo this past fathers day weekend.  It is sponsored by 5 Mustang clubs from the Front Range area of Colo.  The show started in about 1990 and started in Breckenridge and is now hosted by the town of Steamboat Springs.  The city and locals are very welcoming and it is a fantastic venue for a car show.  They block off 5-7 blocks of the downtown and this year we had about 450 cars in attendance.  In the old days it was mostly vintage Mustangs, but now the late model stuff is starting to dominate, about 50/50 this year.  There were about 18 69-70 Mustangs and they were all very nice.  My old restoration is showing its age, so no trophies for me, but I was happy it made the 480 mile round-trip with no drama, even got almost 15 mpg!

One special car that was there was Bob Teets' R-code High Country Special.  Very Cool.

If you are ever in the area around Fathers Day weekend, you should check it out.

More info here: