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Las Vegas Mustand 50th show
« on: April 02, 2014, 03:44:55 pm »
     I'm planning on visiting the show. I'M not really finding a lot about the planned events that interest me. I'm finding show bags at Mandalay Bay for good money. A cruise, Shelby plant tour, a marathon & what sounds like a manufacturers midway. Sure the strip can be fun, but I have a home in town & paying like $50 for a bag of goodies at a casino on the opposite end of town leaves me un thrilled. My cars are projects so the cruise isn't for me. I'm too old & fat to run. The Shelby plant would be interesting but I forget the cost & I think you can tour it anytime. I don't recall anything about track time. My wife wants me to take my F350 so I can haul stuff home but I don't see a mention of a swap meet.
     So I'm down to a car show that I'm sure will be interesting depending on the 69/70 turn out. I doubt that the manufacturers midway will be selling parts but at least if there is some 69/70 parts to fondle I'd learn something.
     Am I looking for more than I should expect? Las Vegas can be a fun town to visit but I'm there plenty already thanks to the housing crash.
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