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Engine / Transmission Installation Tips
« on: February 26, 2006, 01:23:25 pm »
The following is a step by step proceedure to install an FE engine and transmission combo in a Mustang.
1.  Bolt the headers or exhaust manifolds, clutch components or automatic, starter and motor mount plates and motor mounts together.
2.  If you have a tilting devise for your engine hoist you can also install the intake and set the valves before installation.  If not leave the intake off.
3.  Attach the engine hoist using the treaded hole in the rear of the passenger side head and the hole in the front of the driver's side head.  Cut lengths of heater hose to surround the chain where it makes contact with any parts of the engine.
4.  Turn the steering wheel to position the Pitman arm as far to the driver's side as possible.  Remove the two bolts securing the idler arm to the passenger side frame and lower as much as possible.  Tape old towels to the shock towers to protect from scratches.  If you have power brakes, remove the booster.  For added protection, tape a rag around the end of the tailshaft.
5.  Extend the legs of the hoist out as far as possible and extend the lifting arm as little as possible(measure the center of engine bay to the bumper and add 2 inches).  Lift the assembly and turn the tilting devise until it is at a 45 degree angle.  If no tilting devise is available, attach the chain several links forward of center to achieve the desired angle.
6.  Position a rolling floor jack under the car with the handle facing rearward.  Disconnect the emergency brake cable at the adjuster and move the cable rearward.
7.  Roll assembly to the bumper and jack up.  As soon as the tailshaft is above the radiator support push assembly forward.  As the tailshaft approches the firewall and the front of the pan clears the radiator support, start to lower and push assembly rearward.  Do this SLOWLY and observe the clearances on both sides of the assembly.  It may be necessary to move the hoist either left or right to center the engine.
8.  As the tailshaft approches the floor, position the jack under it.  As the assembly comes down, raise the tailshaft until assembly is near level and the motor mounts are just above the frame mounts checking for right to left alignment of the mounts.  Lower the assembly onto the mounts and either raise or lower the jack to align the assembly front to rear.  Install the motor mount bolts and transmission crossmember.  Done deal.

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Re: Engine / Transmission Installation Tips
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2007, 01:54:26 pm »
What's that song" Where were you when I needed you, where were you when I wanted you...."?
Hey, I really appreciate this info! I spent 5 hours last week working on the installation, and got no where! And, to make it worse, I have done this before! I guess my old timer's disease had kicked in though, and I had forgotten everything I had every learned before.
Gonna get this thing in the car now!!

69 Mach 1, R-Code, Auto. Need a motor!
68 GT, S-Code, four speed. Have a 427 Tri-Power ready to install.
70 Mach 1 Project. Might turn it into a 428 car.

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Re: Engine / Transmission Installation Tips
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2009, 09:07:58 pm »
Pulling up this old thread since tomorrow is the day....

428CJ with C6, OEM exhaust manifolds into a '69 Cougar.

I'm leaving the power brake booster in place, but lowered the idler arm and the slave cylinder on the power steering.

Question: Should I attach the transmission cooling lines before or after installing engine? How accessible are the fittings after everything is installed? I'm thinking if I put them on before, I may end up bending/crushing them. Also, a couple more inches to get by the radiator support.  On the other hand, not sure how accessible they will be after the transmission is in place.

Any other wisdom since 7Litre's original post?
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Re: Engine / Transmission Installation Tips
« Reply #3 on: August 30, 2009, 01:26:38 pm »
Well... it's in.

I decided to not try the install with cooling lines attached, and I don't think it would have worked with them on. The assembly is just too long - even at least at the steepest angleof approach we could get. Also ended up taking off the right side exhaust manifold half way through the job. Again, maybe with steeper angle it would have been possible, but I'm not so sure. I tip my hat to those who are able to do this with the manifold attached. We couldn't do it - had rear jack up pretty high - air out of front tires - leveler cranked all the way - etc.

It's in.