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Re: Check this out guys-unreal!
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     The Ford backed teams used bodies supplied by Ford. I was helping Tommy Grove back then and one of the hangups on the '69 car was "the body from Ford" being shipped to Logghe (where Tommy's '69 was built). Yes Pat Foster did build the '69's along with another "unknown" guy named John Buttera , who also built the monocoche(sp) '70 car now in the NHRA museum. M/T's bodies were the first given out and the "closest to stock appearing" as the others , Tasca, Rhonda,Loher and others got the later bodies that had a moulded in front spoiler.
   Just another two cents worth of trivia.
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Re: Check this out guys-unreal!
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Thanks again, Randy!
PS: U seen Manny lately?
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