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Re: New Drag Racing Articles
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I'd be interested in getting a copy of that article if possible?

I just picked up the Sept. 1968 issue of Rodder and Super Stock magazine.  There is a real nice article; "Hubert Platt 428 Mustang Setup" by Alex Walordy, that has some nice details about the Paul Harvey 985 car.  The artilce says; "For instance at Pomona, Hubert's consistant runs showed 120.64 and 120.96 mph with ets of 11.49 on all three runs."  I noticed the numbers were not the same as the thread here.  Not sure who is right; but thought I'd throw it out there.

The article is over 5 pages long and outlines a lot of the mods that Holman and Moody, Strope Associates made to the car.