Author Topic: Update on Stark Hickey SS/H Mustang  (Read 1237 times)

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Update on Stark Hickey SS/H Mustang
« on: February 07, 2016, 02:06:08 pm »
 Hello again Gentlemen: I am happy to inform you that the Mustang now resides at the Wally Parks NHRA motorsports Museum in Pomona. The purpose of the restoration was to correct or at least update the record books on some of the prototype cars (not all were crushed), and to get the car displayed where people could see and enjoy it. The Mustang was in storage for much too long. I am attaching a photo and here is a link to a short video. The 428 SCJ motor is Rainero built in 1973, flat tappet cam, CJ Batten heads with the lightweight valves. Nothing has been updated other than Taylor Vertex asked to put a set of their ignition wires on for SEMA and removed the Accel's.

  While we were in Pomona, Tony has started to record the history of 135038 and we will send this information very soon.
  Thank you picking my Mustang to appear in the calendar, and all your hard work and efforts in regards to the CJ Mustangs, they are indeed special cars. I had the most fun of my racing life with the Mustang by far.

Robert Wytosky