Author Topic: Order of assembly. I need to install the brake line and gas line. SS or Carbon  (Read 246 times)

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I have the car on the lift and I want to install the engine  but I want to install the lines first.  I figure I gotta install the the brake lines cuz they will be tough once the engine is in?  ANy recommendations?

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You might install the front drum brake line with the engine in but not the disc brake line, so yes, install the brake lines first.  I don't see the point in the stainless lines.  They don't look original, they don't seal as well as the regular ones and the originals probably lasted 50 years so why upgrade the material?

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x2 on what Rockhouse said about stainless lines. I had sealing issues with SS and went back to orginal.

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Ford installed them well before the engine. Good enough for me :)

Same for the type of brake and fuel lines

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As noted... no SS and yes , defiantly install all brake and gas lines before the motor. In fact, get the brake system bled and functional before the motor goes in. Any leaks can be dealt with MUCH easier with no motor in the way. good luck !
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