Engine Lift Hooks

All 428 Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet engines were originally equipped with a pair of stamped steel lift hooks that were used to lift the engine during the installation process. The most common driver's side hook is roughly figure-eight shaped, has two lifting holes and is stamped with an engineering number and a Ford logo. The passenger side hook is triangular, carries no engineering number or markings, and has a single lifting hole. Both hooks were painted engine color, "Ford Dark Corporate Blue" (note that they were painted off the engine).

Driver side lift hook, mounted Passenger side lift hook, mounted

(Images of mounted lift hooks courtesy of Joe Sikora)

The driver's side hook used on cars built at least through early August 1968 was stamped C8OE-17K004-A. These hooks are formed differently than the later version, including an offset bend that was eliminated from the later hook which was stamped C8OE-17K004-B.

-A lift hook at top, -B at bottom -A lift hook at right, -B at left

(Images courtesy of Chris Teeling)

The logo stamped on each is different as well. The -A version has an older style "FoMoCo" logo surrounded by a rectangle, while the -B has a "Ford" logo inside an oval. A comparison photo is below.
The -B driver's side hook and the passenger side hook are reproduced and are available from many parts vendors.

-A image courtesy of Scott Fuller -B image courtesy of Chris Teeling

The forward mounting hole of the driver's side hook is attached to the forward #7 exhaust manifold mounting hole using a standard exhaust manifold bolt. The rearward mounting point attaches the hook to a boss cast into the top of the exhaust manifold above and to the rear of cylinder number 7 using a separate bolt. The passenger side hook mounts on the back side of cylinder number 2 and the front side of cylinder number 3 using exhaust manifold bolts.

Some Cobra Jets were assembled with a different driver's side hook that is similar to a mirror image of the standard passenger side hook. This hook has been found on various 428 Cobra Jets spanning all three years of production. The circumstances associated with the installation of this hook are not known at this time.

Pair of triangular lift hooks found on a 1969 Torino or Cyclone (images courtesy of Chris Simon)

The first 50 "135"-series Cobra Jet Mustangs were assembled with 390 GT exhaust manifolds, so they were also equipped with the 390 GT Mustang-style lift hooks. Here are some shots on an unrestored engine. These lift hooks are identical from left to right and are thus interchangeable. Thanks to Royce Peterson for the pictures of the used lift hooks, and to Bill Upham of Mansfield Restoration Parts for the picture of the restored lift hooks.

Left side 1968 390 GT lift hook Right side 1968 390 GT lift hook 1968 390 GT/428 GT-500/"135" lift hooks, pair

Thanks to JD Larson of All Classic Mustang for providing information for this article.