Motor Mount Support Brackets

Classic Mustang motor mounts contained three parts: a rubber-coated insulator, a mounting bracket, and a support bracket that bolts to the shock tower. Ford identified the support brackets using basic part numbers 6028 (right) and 6029 (left). There were two basic styles used, with the most significant difference being the location of one bolt hole used to attach the frame-side bracket to the shock tower that determines the angle of the bracket. Here's an illustration and application description, courtesy of Tom Cherry:

Motor Mount Support Bracket Illustration

Motor Mount Support Bracket Illustration

There is a lot of confusion out there because the "big block" support bracket was also used in several small block applications and many parts books don't describe the applications accurately.

Application Service Part Number (Right) Service Part Number (Left)
1968-1969 390 and 428 CJ/SCJ
(Also 1967 289, 1968 289 Convertible,
1968-1970 302 and 351 Convertible
(Originally C7ZZ-6028-B,
replaced by C8ZZ-6028-B,
replaced by D0ZZ-6028-D)
(Originally C7ZZ-6029-B,
replaced by C8ZZ-6029-B,
replaced by D0ZZ-6029-D)
1970 428 CJ/SCJ D0ZZ-6028-D D0ZZ-6029-D

Motor Mount Support Bracket Service Part Numbers

Note that the big block bracket was revised over time. The C7ZZ-B parts were used for the original 1967 application. They were replaced with the C8ZZ-B parts during the 1968 model year. The 1975 MPC lists the D0ZZ-D brackets for 1970 CJ Mustangs and as replacement left side bracket for the 68-69 models, but it lists the C8ZZ-B right side bracket for 68-69. I'm not sure why that is and I don't have access to confirmed original brackets to compare them for differences. I've had at least one person look at all three of the brackets identified by these different part numbers and they report no difference at all.

NOS Support Bracket

Bracket Comparison 1

Bracket Comparison 2

Hole Location Detail

Thanks to Tom Cherry and Gary Boehnlein for the pictures used here.