Mustang 428 Cobra Jet Service Parts

People ask a lot of questions about service parts (such as spark plugs, air filters, oil filters, motor oil, etc.) for their Cobra Jet Mustangs. This page lists common service parts and their original Ford part numbers, along with modern equivalents if known.

Note that these parts might not be correct for Shelbys and other Ford vehicles equipped with a 428 CJ or SCJ. Please check your own part references to be sure! Note also that many of the part numbers listed here were found in the 1975 edition of the Ford Master Parts Catalog. The part numbers given are service part numbers, and thus do not necessarily represent the same parts installed at the factory during production.

In some cases I was unable to find a modern Ford part number, so instead I've provided an aftermarket part number. This part is probably not the only one available. Check other aftermarket vendors for their part numbers. Truth be told, you can probably find replacements for all of these parts at your local auto parts stores.

Service Part Application Chart

Part Name and YearOriginal Ford Part Number
or Specifications
Modern Replacement Part Number
Group 24 Battery (1968)GN-24F (41A Standard)
R-24F (55A Premium)
G-24F (81A Heavy Duty)
10 3/4" x 6 13/16" x 8 61/64"
Motorcraft BXL24F
Interstate MTP-24F
Antique Auto Battery G24FA
Group 27 Battery (1969, 1970)R-27F (70A Standard)
R-27FA (77A Premium)
G-27F (94A Heavy Duty)
12 1/2" x 6 13/16" x 9 9/64"
Motorcraft BXL27F
Motorcraft BXT27F
Interstate MTP-27F
Antique Auto Battery G27FA
Spark PlugAutolite BF-32
(15-20 ft-lbs)
Autolite 45, AP45, or APP45
Motorcraft BF42C
Ignition Wire Set
(1968, 1970)
Autolite WR-3813
Autolite 86205, 96205
Motorcraft WR-3820DR
Ignition Wire Set
Autolite WR-3800
Autolite 86205, 96205
Motorcraft WR-3820DR
Fuel FilterAutolite FG-19
Motorcraft FG-14C
Air FilterAutolite FA-41
Motorcraft FA-41
Oil FilterAutolite FL-1
Motorcraft FL-1A or FL-1HP
PCV Valve
(1968, 1969)
Autolite EV-45
Fram FV100, FV156
PCV Valve
Autolite EV-51
Motorcraft EV-63
Front Disk Brake PadsD0OZ-2001-CBendix D34
Front Drum Brake Shoes10" x 2 1/2"
Bendix 169 (new)
Bendix R169 (relined)
Bendix AF169 (asbestos free)
Rear Drum Brake Shoes *10" x 2"
Bendix 152 (new)
Bendix R152 (relined)

* There are some questions about the accuracy of several Master Parts Catalogs with respect to the rear brake shoes specified for 1968 and 1969. Both the 1970 and 1975 editions identify the 10" x 2 1/2" C6OZ-2001-A shoe as the replacement part, but observed evidence on multiple cars suggests that they were originally equipped with 10" x 2" shoes.

Service Fluids Application Chart

Part Name and YearOriginal Ford Part Number
or Specifications
Motor Oil *5W-30 (below 32F)
10W-30 or 10W-40 (-10F to 90F)
20W-40 (above 32F)
Automatic Transmission FluidFord Specification M2C33-F
(Ford Type F)
Manual Transmission FluidFord Specification ESW-M2C83-B
(GL-4 75W-90)
Conventional Rear AxleHypoid Gear Lube
Ford Specification ESW-M2C105-A
(SAE 90 Sulfur Phosphorous, GL-5 80W-90)
Limited Slip Rear AxleHypoid Gear Lube
Ford Specification ESW-M2C119-A
(SAE 90, GL-5 80W-90)
Limited Slip Friction ModifierFord Specification EST-M2C118-A

* Capacity 7 quarts with oil and filter change per Ford TSB article #2322 published May 1970; add 1 more quart (8 quarts total) if equipped with an external oil cooler.

Please feel free to suggest additional items for these tables. I'm especially interested in documenting modern replacement parts for which I haven't been able to find Autolite or Motorcraft part numbers.