Greylisting and Blocked Visitors

There are a lot of bad actors in the world who crawl web sites looking to harvest email addresses for spammers, or to inject bogus links to spam and malware sites. One of the ways I try to combat that behavior is by using a service that keeps track of known miscreants and automatically prevents them from accessing this site. The IP address of every site visitor is checked against a database, and if your address is associated with some suspicious activity you will be asked to take an extra authentication step before you'll be given access to the site. This process is called "greylisting". If you follow the directions and complete the extra step your address will be "whitelisted" and you'll be good to go.

The service provides a web interface that you can use to search for your IP address if you want to see the type of activity that's been associated with your IP address. Please keep in mind that the information you see may have nothing to do with you. It may well describe the behavior of someone else that has used the same IP address in the past.