Vehicle Registration Form

Information describing your 1968, 1969, or 1970 Mustang (no Shelbys, Torinos etc.) can be submitted via email using the form found on this page. Information describing the owner of the vehicle and the warranty plate information is required for submission. Information describing original factory options is optional, but highly desirable. Please contact us directly if you have any questions about the data or the submission process.

In 2010 the Registry published our first book containing vehicle statistics including vehicle identification numbers and warranty tag info. We intend to publish additional books in the future. By registering your vehicle you are giving the Mustang 428 Cobra Jet Registry and Muscle Car Research LLC permission in perpetuity to publish the vehicle data you submit to the Registry. Once a vehicle is registered, it can not be removed from the Registry. Please do not register your vehicle if you do not agree to these terms.

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Privacy statement: This form does not collect any information about you other than that which you provide directly. None of the personal information you provide will ever be used for commercial purposes. Please select the appropriate privacy policy agreement below if you do not wish to communicate with other Registry members. We use this information only so that we can reach you, or to point other Registry participants your way via email. We don't make contact info available to the general public, but if other owners ask for information about a similar car we often try to get the owners in touch with each other directly.

Do you have any documentation for your vehicle, such as pictures, an invoice, build sheet, Marti report, or CAC report? This documentation is useful in determining build changes and other production trends. Please consider sharing copies, though note that any information provided becomes the property of the Registry. We'll gladly make copies and return your originals at our expense if requested.

Remember that it is your responsibility to let us know if your contact information changes. It would also be nice if you let us know if you sell the vehicle so that we can keep the owner information as up-to-date as possible.

A Warranty Plate or Vehicle Certification Label can be found on the lower rear inside edge of the driver's door frame if it hasn't been painted over or if the door hasn't been replaced. A metal plate that was riveted to the door was used in 1968 and 1969; a sticker was used in 1970. Don't know what these things look like? Here are two samples with specific data removed, both at slightly smaller than actual size:

1968-1969 Warranty Plate

1970 Vehicle Certification Label

1968 - 1969 Warranty Plate

1970 Vehicle Certification Label
as reproduced by Marti Auto Works

If you'd rather not use the following online form, please feel free to download and complete the form provided here. Free Adobe Reader software is required.

Registry information sheet in Adobe Acrobat format (564K).

PLEASE check your contact information (especially your email address) carefully! If it's valid you'll be sent a copy of the information that's sent to the Registry via email. If your email address is invalid you won't receive a copy, and the Registry administrators might not be able to contact you.
Your contact information will never, ever be shared with anyone outside the registry project. Participants in the registry project occasionally ask questions about cars and previous owners, or are looking for people who have expertise is particular areas, so it is sometimes helpful for the registry administrators to put project participants in touch with each other. Do we have your permission to share your name and email address with other Registry participants, or should we ask for your permission first?
Please include your country code if not in Canada or the United States.
Please provide the information listed on the Warranty Plate or Vehicle Certification Label:
(for six digit DSO only!)
Factory Options
Please identify the vehicle's original factory options. This is not a complete list. Please describe options not listed in the "Comments" section.
What was the primary source you used to determine the original factory options?
Please check here if you have a copy of the build/broadcast sheet (not a Marti report, CAC letter, or invoice) for this car. If you do, please consider sharing a copy.
Do you have a copy of a Marti report, invoice, build sheet, or pictures that you'd like to share? You can submit up to three files to document your car. Please be considerate of the file size. Remember that it will take longer to upload large files than it will to upload small files.
Maximum 3 files.
10 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, png, pdf.
Please feel free to share any other information about your car.
This form is for providing information describing 428 CJ and SCJ Mustangs ONLY. No Shelbys, Torinos, or anything other than 1968-1970 Mustangs originally equipped with a 428 Cobra Jet or Super Cobra Jet engine, please. If you include questions in your comments we will try to respond as quickly as possible, so please double check your email address to make sure it's valid. When you hit "Submit" you'll create an email message that gets sent both to you and to the Registry administrators.
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