Registry Statistics

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Registry statistics as of January 1, 2022

Totals by Year and Body Style

Year Hardtop
(Including Grande)
Convertible Sportsroof
1968: 87 17 463*
    Total 1968: 567
1969: 53 59 1,858
    Total 1969: 1,970
1970: 16 25 679
    Total 1970: 720
    Total Registry: 3,257

* The 1968 sportsroof totals include 4 cars that were converted to 428 CJ power for racing at the 1968 NHRA Winternationals held at Pomona, California. These cars were driven by Hubert Platt, Jerry Harvey, and Don Nicholson.

Are you interested in more than just body style statistics? Here are some more tables:

Earliest and Latest Registered VINs

Year and Plant Earliest VIN Latest VIN
1968 Dearborn 8F02R135007* 8F02R220813*
1968 San Jose 8R01R158074* 8R02R172223*
1969 Dearborn 9F02R100011 9F03Q222808
1969 San Jose 9R02R100003 9R02Q192732
1969 Metuchen 9T03R100056 9T02Q218827*
1970 Dearborn 0F05R100002* 0F05R206533
1970 San Jose 0R05R100040* 0R05R158881
1970 Metuchen 0T05R100008 0T05Q168867*

In truth there are earlier and later VINs known by the registry, but the VINs in the table above are the earliest and latest with confirmed owner information. See the production page for the earliest and latest VINs produced at each assembly plant. Registered VINs (cars that we have registered) matching the earliest or latest produced at an assembly plant are noted with an asterisk (*).

Totals By Engine Code

1968 R Code 567
Total 1968: 567
1969 Q Code 390
1969 R Code 1,580
Total 1969: 1,970
1970 Q Code 145
1970 R Code 575
Total 1970: 720
Total Q Code: 535
Total R Code: 2,722

The engine code (fifth position) in the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) determines if the vehicle came equipped with factory ram air induction or not. "Q" code vehicles did not come equipped with ram air induction. "R" code vehicles did come equipped with ram air induction. Please note that there were no known "Q" code Mustangs produced in 1968. I've seen references to such cars in various places, but checking the VINs with Marti Auto Works typically confirms that each such car left the assembly factory as a C-code (289-2v) car; I suppose it's not that hard to change a "C" to a "Q" if you're trying to fake a VIN. Buyer beware if you believe you've found a 1968 Q-code Mustang!

Some of the totals in the following tables will not add up to the total number of vehicles in the registry because they are determined by Warranty Plate or Vehicle Certification Label (door tag) information, and there are a number of vehicles registered without this information. If I don't have it, I don't guess.

Totals by Transmission Type

1968 Automatic: 208
1968 Manual: 345
1969 Automatic: 722
1969 Manual: 966
1970 Automatic: 262
1970 Manual: 329
Total Automatic: 1,192
Total Manual: 1,640

Total Super Cobra Jet

1969 V Code: 325
1969 W Code: 187
Total 1969: 512
1970 V Code: 137
1970 W Code: 79
Total 1970: 216
Total SCJ: 728

Please note that Super Cobra Jet Mustangs did not appear until the 1969 model year. "V" code indicates a 3.91:1 Traction-Lok differential. "W" code indicates either a 4.30:1 Traction-Lok differential (1969 and 1970) or a 4.30:1 "Detroit Locker" differential (1970 only).