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Shock Tower Reinforcements

This article was written by Chris Teeling.

Big block (390 & 428 CJ) Mustangs and Cougars produced after March 1968 were built with reinforced front shock towers. The reinforcements were added due to shock tower cracking issues that had resulted in warranty issues for Ford and Mercury after the introduction of the 390 engines in 1967.

Daytona Pinion Support and Yoke

Ford describes the part used to support the rear end pinion gear as the "driving pinion bearing retainer and bearing cup assembly", identified by basic part number 4614. It's more commonly called a "pinion support". The pinion support used on all 1968 - 1970 Ford Mustangs equipped with a 9" ring gear and 31-spline rear axle shafts (which just so happens to include Mustangs equipped with 428 CJ and SCJ engines) is often called the "Daytona" pinion support.

Automatic Transmission Oil Filler Tube Assembly and Level Indicator

The transmission oil filler tube assembly used with Ford's C6 automatic transmission is identified by basic part number 7A228. The transmission oil level indicator (dip stick) fits inside the filler tube. The tube includes a mounting bracket to secure the upper end of the tube to the back of the engine, and an o-ring at the bottom to seal the area where it's inserted into the transmission. Two different tubes were used during the course of 1968 - 1970 Mustang 428 CJ production.

Speedometer Gears for High Axle Ratios

Classic Mustang speedometers are spun by a steel cable that runs from the transmission to the speedometer. The rate at which the speedometer spins is determined by a drive gear that is either part of the transmission output shaft (in the case of automatic transmissions) or physically attached to the transmission output shaft (in the case of manual transmissions) and a driven gear that's attached to the end of the speedometer cable.

Carburetor Spacer

Ford carburetor spacers are identified by basic part number 9A589. The spacers used on the 428 CJ and SCJ engine are made of a black plastic material that is similar to bakelite.   The spacers are not marked with an engineering number.

Connecting Rods

Ford connecting rods are identified by basic part number 6200. Made of forged steel, the rods used in the 428 Cobra Jet and Super Cobra Jet engines measure 6.488 inches in length from center to center. Part of the engine's reciprocating assembly, connecting rods connect the pistons to the crankshaft.

Air Cleaners

Several different air cleaner assemblies were used on Cobra Jet Mustangs during the 1968, 1969, and 1970 model years. Instead of trying to identify them all on one page, we're going to separate them into several broad categories based on air cleaner type and model year. Use the links below to jump to the ID pages.