Engine information

The Introduction of the 428 Cobra Jet

When the new 1967 390 GT Mustangs were released in the fall of 1966, Ford executives believed that they would be able to match the performance of cars from Chrysler and GM. It soon became evident that they had misjudged the market and what it would take to be competitive. Bob Tasca, the owner and president of Tasca Ford, a performance-oriented dealership with the second highest volume in the nation, decided that he had to do something to remedy the situation.

Tune-Up Specifications

Ignition Timing

Engine Identification Codes

Have you ever wondered what kind of engine you're looking at when opening the hood of a Ford? Well, Ford took some steps to make sure their service employees didn't have to guess when working on a car. The 428 CJ and SCJ, for example, were originally identified by a small steel tag that was mounted to the top of the engine under the ignition coil mounting bracket. The bolt that secured the coil bracket also secured the tag.